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by William Reid

They are the Cursed.
We are the prey.

The succubus Tricia Priest slakes her insatiable demonic passions on the sinners of Seattle while struggling to redeem a soul already claimed by Hell. The telepath Garrison Decker hunts the Cursed who made his wife a demon while grappling with addiction and the trauma of war.

When Tricia’s ancient master comes to reclaim her, she must succumb to the sensual delights of his dominance or fight to remain free. But Garrison has found Tricia and has come to Seattle to destroy her, and Cursed from his own past seek to avenge the demons he has slain.

Tricia and Garrison must survive each other to confront the demons that hunt them. For these Cursed have plans that go beyond the demon and the hunter, plans that could destroy the city and bring the kingdoms of Hell to the world.


Every Tuesday I will post a sample chapter from my novel Hunters. I have posted the latest versions of each chapter, as well as first draft versions for a development comparison. Feedback is greatly appreciated, anything from meta plot commentary to spelling errors. Or feel free to read and enjoy.

Also, check out my short story Harsh Mistress, along with thirteen other great stories, in the Saints and Sinners Anthology. In this prequel to Hunters, the pirate Sebastian Essex sails his ship Harsh Mistress into Hell on a quest to save the woman he loves. On sale now at!


(c) 2015 by William Reid Schmadeka. All rights reserved.

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