San Bernardino: We don’t care


America to San Bernardino: We don’t care.
America to Roseburg: We don’t care.
America to Colorado Springs: We don’t care.
America to every other mass shooting every single day: WE DON’T CARE.

I include all of us, every single American, in this statement. We know mass shootings happen every day in our country. We know this doesn’t happen anywhere else. And we don’t care. Every single one of us is totally okay with the daily, unprecedented violence in our country.

Some of us argue for gun control. We post outrage on social media and back it up with statistics after every shooting. Then we pat ourselves on the back and fall silent until the next shooting, where we have the same statistics and outrage ready to repost.

Some of us defend our 2nd amendment rights, with our own statistics on how gun laws don’t work. We sometimes suggest solutions like better mental health programs, but protecting our rights overwhelms our desire to solve the problem.


Just a suggestion: Try reading the whole amendment.

Some of us are numb. We’ve seen the cycle too many times with no change and no longer speak out. We’re overwhelmed, apathetic or discouraged. Every time a mass shooting happens, more Americans join this group.

Our politicians don’t do anything meaningful to combat these events. They don’t pass gun control laws, mental health programs or anything else to curb the violence because we don’t demand action. We don’t hold them accountable. Few politicians face this as a major campaign issue. We don’t vote them out of office or impeach them for inaction because none of us care enough. The only entity that does care is the NRA, and money is very convincing. Like those who argue guns aren’t the problem, the NRA focuses on preserving gun rights rather than addressing the problem.

These massacres will continue daily until we care enough to make it an issue. Until we call out the NRA and our politicians and hold them accountable. Until we demand solutions and don’t accept inaction. It doesn’t matter if we want gun control, mental health programs or any other bipartisan solution. As human beings we have to act together to show our disgust with these killings.

If that doesn’t happen and we don’t step up, then we will continue to not care. And this cycle will repeat.

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